The VRYNT team is a hand-selected collection of seasoned executives and advisors who have significant experience in media, entertainment, advertising, finance and investments, and general entrepreneurship.

Several members of the core team and advisors have worked together in the past on various successful initiatives.

Scott Brown

Founder CEO

Executive at multiple Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Successful exits, Octoshape, Verasity, Warner Media, Akamai, AOL

Oisin Lyons

Community and Operations

Oisin leads community and operations at VRYNT. He is a Co-Founder of Bacon Dao and the Operations Lead at City Dao.

Oisin loves to explore customer and organization problems and develop useful and efficient solutions through the use of modern technology.

Jakob Konrad

Creative Director

Jakob is a multidisciplinary creative and art director.

During the last two decades, he has worked all around the globe and built a huge network of of some of the finest filmmakers, designers, producers, photographers, illustrators, copywriters and marketing strategists to be able to ensure a professional process and successful outcome of projects of any kind and size.

Eric Almond

Head of Platform Development

Eric is an entrepreneur and an expert at building scalable online consumer systems.

Eric and the VRYNT CEO built their first startup together in 1993 providing outsourced helpdesk services. Eric's current company Gearco, provides management systems for travel companies and extended stay properties, was among the top 50 most influential companies of 2021 by CIO Bulletin.

Yatish Sarathy

Head of AI Development

Yatish is a aomputer vision enthusiast, with an active interest in autism research.

He's working extensively on practical applications of GANs, Style Transfer and Custom Deep Learning models for practical use in Art, Cryptography and Computer Medical Imagery. Hands-on with PyTorch, he loves imagining a world in latent spaces and organized auto encoders.

Chris Gale

Business Development

Chris is a serial entrepreneur.

He has been involved in many successful companies, holding a diverse set of roles and responsibilities — thereby developing the ability to successfully navigate any environment. He is the Founder of the martech company, ViewWorks, former Co-Founder of Verasity, former CEO of LevelUp Media, and former EVP of Phunware.

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